WhatsApp Sales Solutions for Wholesale Companies

Collage photos automatically Publish your collage photos on your website. Share automatically on WhatsApp and Telegram at the same time.

With WhatsApp Shop Wholesale Platform you can quickly present your products to your customers

W-Shop Mobile Application

With the W-Shop mobile application, you can quickly collage your product photos with the support of artificial intelligence! The created collages are published simultaneously in the relevant categories on your Catalog site or under your brand. One of the biggest advantages of W-Shop is that you can post to your Telegram Main Channels, their respective sub-channels and WhatsApp Groups with one click…

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Auto Collage

WhatsApp Shop collage automatically places pictures and barcode information on the collage. With the help of artificial intelligence, product code, product color, product price and brand information are automatically placed on the collage. Any graphic knowledge, photoshop etc. collage is done quickly and easily without the need for processing.

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WhatsApp Shop Catalog Site

Make it easier for your customers to reach your products by listing your products that come out of the automatic collage or that are ready-made collage on the site on a brand basis. Increase your sales by listing your products as a catalog on a website as if they were inside WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp Distribution

With WhatsApp Shop, use the power of buttons and make a difference. Create different channels according to the brands, the system will manage it automatically. Have your collaged products automatically sent to Telegram main channel and brand channels with one click. Send all your current brands to your Telegram Main channel with buttons and start switching easily from buttons to brand channels.

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Telegram Distribution

Automatically send your product collages that you have collaged on WhatsApp Shop to the WhatsApp groups you have determined with one click!

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DialogTab Multiple Sales Channel

Manage all your sales channels on a single panel by connecting as many WhatsApp numbers, Instagram accounts, Messenger, Telegram and LiveChat as you want on a single panel, thanks to the DialogTab panels that work in integration with the WhatsApp Catalog site. Representatives can share products through the catalog, create a basket on behalf of the user with catalog products, and complete the order.

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WhatsApp Privacy App

Keep your customer data safe by hiding any part of the customer numbers in the conversation list and conversation. In this way, your agents can easily and securely provide sales and support services via windows web browser without seeing the customer number.

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