Whatsapp Privacy

  • Data privacy is important for wholesale companies and therefore the ability to hide numbers in conversation list, profile page and contact sharing is very useful. Thanks to this feature, you can make conversations in a safe environment by leaving your numbers masked. Also, you can make the control even more healthy by turning off the conversation and message deletion features. So you can protect your personal information by keeping your numbers safe. Thanks to the use of this feature, wholesale companies can ensure data privacy and offer a safer environment to their customers.
  • Hiding Numbers in the Conversation List (Leaving them Masked) Seeing the initial country code
  • Displaying the initial country code
  • Displaying the last 4 digits
  • Hiding the Number at the top in the Conversation (Leaving it as Masked)
  • Hiding Numbers on Profile Page (Leaving it Masked)
  • Turning off contact sharing
  • Turn off speech deletion