Telegram Distribution

  • You can make your sales processes more efficient by creating different channels for your brands with WhatsApp Shop and Telegram distribution. These features can be very useful for your customers who do not have the opportunity to go to physical stores, especially during the pandemic period. By automatically sending your collaged products to Telegram main and brand channels with one click, you can learn about the products your customers are interested in and help them make purchasing decisions. With WhatsApp Shop and Telegram distribution, you can send your brands as buttons, so that your customers can easily switch to brand channels and make a difference. In this way, you can highlight your brand even more and increase customer satisfaction. In addition, thanks to these features, you can make your sales representatives' product promotion processes more efficient and answer your customers' questions faster. In this way, you can help increase your sales and increase your customer satisfaction.
  • With WhatsApp Shop and Telegram distribution, use the power of buttons, make a difference.
  • Create different channels according to brands, the system will manage automatically.
  • Provide automatic one-click protection of your collaged products to Telegram Main channel and Brand channels.
  • Send all your current brands to your Telegram Main channel with buttons and start switching easily from buttons to brand channels.
  • Get your customers to follow the category they are interested in or your sub-brand without overwhelming them with too many images.